Banbury Aunt Sally League Online Scoring Guide

Online Scoring Guide

Pre-requisites for online scoring

  1. you need to have an account registered with a valid email address. An email address can only be registered once in the system so if you have your own account you can use that.
  2. this account must be flagged for online scorecard entry by the committee. Get in touch if this is what you want.
  3. You need the scorecard obviously but it’s wise to take a photo of the card with a smartphone for reference.
  4. You’ll need an internet connected computer or tablet or smartphone to enter the scorecard online.

Hints and Tips

  • DO check the week number is the current one for the card you are entering (if you are behind we can sort it but get in touch as the last card entered is the current week)
  • do a quick check of all the players names before you start entering scores – if a name is not online but on the card it’s possible the player hasn’t been officially registered (or we’ve not caught up and put them online). So drop us an email to check and set it up. We’ll let you know when you can enter the scores asap.
  • You can enter a blob as an X or x or as a 0 (zero – next to the 9 on the top row or on the keypad not the letter O )
  • it’s easier putting scores in on a computer keyboard using a computer browser – a tablet is slower as the cursor doesn’t hop to the next leg score
  • use the TAB key (left of Q) to move between players or use the mouse – don’t hit Enter as this will submit the card (but it’s safe to put it in again)!
  • the computer will add up the leg scores so make sure you tally these with the scorecard (and put in any Handicap you may have at the start – there’s a player for that for those that have them). The computer is never wrong (!) so if it doesn’t tally double check the player scores. The match points are generated from the leg score wins/draws etc automatically.

– don’t forget to send in the scorecard as well and it would help us if you can mark your card with your match ID that the system gives you so we know it’s done! 

– check your player and team rankings with the score sheets online. If anything is wrong – get in touch!

Queries and Corrections

  • if you make a mistake with a card you can reenter the card and the older one will not be used
  • if you find a mistake in a score after submitting email the webmaster with your Section, Team, week number of the match and the query. This saves us time finding who you are! If the scores are fraudulent the Committee reserve the right to remove the team responsible from the league – the same as we would with any false scorecard.
  • Match scores can be seen by hovering the mouse over the team points in the All Scores report. Player IDs can be seen by hovering over the name.
  • all score entry is tagged with the date/time and the username that entered the scores. We know who did it!
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